Use the same grammatical form when listing or coordinating words for each unit. Each element must fit into the sentence in the same way that the first element called the verb „being“ corresponds to a plural subject, but the theme of that sentence is the singular „couple.“ If you change „are“ to „is,“ the error of the sentence will be corrected. The corrected sentence is: „A pair of support shoes is important if you have pain in your lower back.“ Once you have identified the verb in a sentence, you can identify the subject by asking yourself a question starting with the words „who“ or „what“ and the next with the verb. In the sentence „The exhausted rider has crossed the finish line,“ you ask yourself: „Who or what crosses?“ The runner is the one who crossed paths, so the „runner“ is the subject of the sentence. Sometimes the subject of a sentence is more than a word. „The way she won surprised her,“ is an example. The subject is identified by the same method. The „what“ that surprised is „The way she won,“ the theme of the phrase. A fragment is a group of words that are interrupted as a sentence, but without completeness. Using everything over and over again can irritate or annoy the reader, but the repetition of the verb is more indirect and verbose and often leads to the flaccid appointment of strong action verbs. Learn to recognize the times of being and correct its overload by recovering the action words of sentences in verbs and wondering how for the passive voice, who did what? The italic demo pronoun This has no clear precursor. To solve the problem, ask yourself what it is and replace it with the demonstrative pronoun.

In the example, this seems to refer to something like „inexperience in confrontations“ that could be replaced. Sometimes it only takes a bite from No after this one to make the reference clear, as in „This avoidance.. The problem can be totally avoided by following the advice of many writing teachers not to start sentences with demonstrative pronouns, but such extreme measures are not necessary as long as you make sure that your predecessor is clearly present in the previous sentence if you start a sentence with this. Combine a series of simple and declarative phrases: „The first effect was seen when a sugar refinery opened in Susurluk. The opening of the factory created a new middle class of salaried workers in the city. This was seen as a positive change in the Community. (The first effect of the opening of a sugar refinery in Susluruk was the creation of a new middle class of salaried workers: a positive change in the Community. The „voice“ of a verb indicates whether the doer or recipient serves as the subject of the verb. In active voice is the subject of the doer of action. In passive voice, the recipient of the act is the subject of the sentence.

Obviously, the passive voice can only be formed if there is a recipient of the action – in other words, with a verb that takes an object (i.e. transitive verb).