„Although it was announced as early as last May, the Minister has not yet provided BEAM funds to farmers. The minister must pay these funds immediately, because the cattle farm`s income is on the ground,“ he said. Since then, factories have introduced severe weight penalties, maintained legal threats, and the price of Irish beef lags behind other countries. Relations between factories and farmers have even deteriorated since 15 September and the minister has sided with the factories by accepting their small declaration of continued legal threats,“ he said. The other parties to the dispute were Meat Industry Ireland, the representative organization of the beef producer; Irish Farmers` Association (IFA); Irish Creamery and Milk Suppliers` Association (ICMSA); Macra na Feirme; Beef Plan Movement and the Irish Natura and Hill Farmers` Association. In addition, the second part of the agreement entitled „Strategic Structural Reforms“ sets out strategic measures to eliminate „structural imbalances“ in the beef sector. One of the measures agreed in the Beef TaskForce Beef Stakeholder Agreement of September 2019 was that „DAFM and Bord Bia are actively working with the European Commission to develop a PGI for Irish beef.“ The government`s programme commits to „working at EU level for the development of a PGI for Irish beef.“ A successful application for pGI from the European Commission would allow Irish beef that meets the specifications to carry the IGP logo. Under the agreement, the task force will provide a forum for cooperation with retailers. The department cooperates „proactively“ with several potential beef producer organizations and provides guidance for the application process. The first beef PO was approved this week by the department. The agreement provides for a cessation of hostilities in the form of factories that cease operations, while protesters will raise their pickets.

Creed is facing mounting political criticism over its handling of the beef talks that have lasted in recent weeks. In a statement today following the agreement, he thanked all parties involved. Meanwhile, Mr O`Brien has asked all Irish beef producers to join Irish beef producers and said that the more farmers join, the stronger they will be when it comes to negotiating the price issue with beef processors.