Check-in is at Morton-Furbish Office, 2478 Main Street. Check-in takes place at 16:00 .m or as soon as the accommodation is cleaned, inspected and considered ready for occupancy. If you arrive after 4:00 p.m., we will leave all registration documents in the Dropbox next to the agency`s front door. You will find an envelope with your name on it that contains a map of your rental, keys and emergency contact information. 13. [Water and septic: the [cabin/property] is located on a well and septic systems. The mineral content of the water is high. During the drought, well water may smell. The septic system is very effective; However, it is clogged when incorrect materials are rinsed. NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. Women`s products should never be rinsed. If female products are found to have been emptied and obstruct the septic system, damage of up to — is calculated.

There are absolutely no bachelor or bachelorettes allowed in any of our apartments for rent 6. In order to keep household costs low, sheets (bed linen, towels, pillowcases) and propane are not provided for the gas barbecue. You must bring yours or we can charge extra. Pillows and consolations will be in the cabin, as shown in the photos. A reminder is also given in the confirmation email that you will receive. All cabins are forbidden to smoke! You can smoke outside, please throw safely and distinguish the smoking material. Please take butts. Smoking in the cabin is considered cabin abuse and you will be charged for a complete cleaning and deodorization of the cabin – the minimum cost is 300 USD. 2.

Owner: The tenant is made up of the host and the following people: Here is the rental contract of your stay in the – Thank you for taking the time to read the agreement and sign and send us the last page before your arrival date. 6. Rental Rules: The client undertakes to comply at any time during the accommodation with the rental rules that are attached to Schedule A and encourages all members of the owner admitted to the land to comply with the following rules at all times during the accommodation. The check-in time is after 16:00. Some days/times of the year, the cleaning team is very busy. They do their best to finish each cabin before 4 p.m. The recording time is therefore not engraved in stone. There is no refund if your cabin is not ready by 4pm. Early Check in: Everyone wants to check in early. We`ll get it. And so, if your cabin is ready early and you can check in up to two hours earlier.

Please read: This agreement is just one example of a form. You should have the local legal counsel checked and reviewed if this is necessary to comply with federal, regional and local law and your particular circumstances. For your convenience, there are A and B options offered below, which you can choose based on your property or your practices. Items listed in red must be entered by the owner, as it relates to your property. You should also review if necessary in order to accurately present your property, rules, functions, etc. This agreement does not replace the advice of a lawyer.