Elastic fibers are an essential component of the extracellular matrix of connective tissues. Elastic fibers (or yellow fibers) are bundles of proteins found in extracellular matrix of connective tissue and produced by fibroblasts and smooth muscle cells in arteries.These fibers can stretch up to 1.5 times their length, and snap back to their original length when relaxed. The focus of both clinical management and scientific investigation of elastic fiber disorders has centered on the cardiovascular manifestations due to their significant impact on morbidity and mortality. Also, visible are collagen fibrils. Start studying Reticular, Collagen, and Elastic Fibers. Elastic Fibers. Elastic Fiber. elastic artery: (also, conducting artery) artery with abundant elastic fibers located closer to the heart, which maintains the pressure gradient and conducts blood to smaller branches external elastic membrane: membrane composed of elastic fibers that separates the tunica media from the tunica externa; seen in larger arteries Elastic Fibers EM Under the electron microscope, elastin appears as an amorphous mass lined by barely discernable microfibrils of fibrillin, the glycoprotein with which it associates to form an elastic fiber. Fibroblasts produce three types of connective tissue fibers: collagenousfibers, elastic fibers, and reticular fibers. contains elastic fibers, collgen fibers, reticular fibers, fibroblasts, macrophages, mast cells, some white blood cells Functions of areolar tissue -cushions and protects the body organs it wraps Elastic tissue is classified as “connective tissue proper”. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. elastic fiber: n. Any various thick yellow connective-tissue fibers containing elastin and characterized by great elasticity. Fiber composition also differs; veins contain fewer elastic fibers and function to control caliber of the arteries, a key step in maintaining blood pressure. The creation of elastin knock-out mice has revealed that, besides conferring elasticity, elastin and elastic fibers have other functions: elastin is required for arterial morphogenesis. Elastic-fibre function is also frequently compromised in damaged or aged elastic tissues. Elastic fibers provide elastic recoil without damage in tissues and organs of the reproductive tract that need to be both strong and extensible to function. However, nongravid PS, although a fibrocartilaginous tissue (which normally does not have elastic fibers), has very thin elastic fibers. Elastic fibers include elastin… The elastic fibers in the skin of animals with hair perform essentially the same function as the elastic fibers found in avian skin. Elastic fibers are generally 0.2-2 mcm in diameter but may be larger in some ligaments; they branch and anastomose to form networks and fuse to form fenestrated membranes and elastic laminae; the fibers and membranes consist of microfibrils about 10 nm wide and an amorphous substance containing elastin. However, the arrangement has been modified to meet the lesser requirements for hair movement. Since this discovery in 1998, the mechanisms linking elastin synthesis to … Definition. Of these, collagenousand elastic fibers are the most abundant.

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