All funds deposited into a joint account, including all interest earned, become the property of all common tenants. Even if one depositor pays all the money or cashes more than the other, all the money will be in joint custody on bail. The bank reserves the right to close any account that attempts to circumvent these requirements. We advise you to print or download a copy of this eCommunications publication, the corresponding service agreement and any other communication to keep for your permanent registrations; If you have not yet included a copy of our privacy policy in your files, you may receive an additional copy or privacy policy www.us.hsbc.com/online-privacy-statement/ If you do not personally make your deposit to one of our employees (z.B. if you send the deposit), funds from these deposits will be available on the second business day following the day the bank receives your deposit. If you wish to revoke your consent to this eCommunications disclosure for our online accounts, products or services, you can no longer use these accounts, products or services. This means that you (1) you must close these online accounts to revoke such consent, as is necessary under the terms of your accounts; (2) terminate these pure online products in order to revoke such consent, which is required according to the terms of your products; or (3) cancel all current transactions and terminate online services, as is necessary under the terms of your services. By submitting a payment order through HSBC`s RTP service, you declare and guarantee that your payment statement complies with these rules, that you irrevocably and unconditionally authorize the bank to deduct the amount of payment from your HSBC account and that the bank will be able to deduct this amount upon receipt of your payment order. Rtp payments are usually made within 30 (30) seconds of the sender transmitting the RTP payment, unless the PRT payment fails or is delayed by an audit by the receiver or issuer, for example.

B for fraud, regulation or compliance purposes. Transaction limits imposed by the RTP system or the issuer participant may also prevent RTP payments from sending to or from your HSBC account. According to NY-UCC 4-A-404, HSBC will inform you that you are receiving an RTP payment by booking the money on your HSBC statement of account. Be sure to support all checks and other items exactly as they are made. The bank has the right to support the items you deposit into your account. The bank will refund to your account all items returned for any reason, including irregularities in approval or falsification. These rules are governed by applicable federal and state law, clearing house rules, ACH rules and general commercial banking practices that apply to services provided, as long as this is not replaced by federal law. The applicable state law (to the extent that it is not replaced by federal law) is the law of the state in which the deposit account is opened, provided it is opened in person. For bank accounts opened by telephone or internet, New York law applies to the extent that it is not replaced by federal laws.