Canada currently has international social security agreements with more than 50 countries. These agreements coordinate pension plans for people who have lived or worked in two countries. I am eligibill for retirement from the OAS after 12 years in Canada and I live with my wife, who is 66 years old and I am 69 years old with low in coming . I applied for pension and have received a letter from Service Canada is not providen fund/ pension The Bank is based in India with Branch in Middle East and India.My query is that I worked in UAE in an Indian Bank IN Dubai for about 32 years and Bank in UAE is not providen fund/ pension The Bank is based in India with Branches in Middle East and is governed by UAE regulations, will I be eligible for old age or Follow the instructions in the „Benefits Rights“ section. Thank you, Doug. Yes, my bond and I have paid a significant increase in social security tax in recent decades. The only thing that bothered me was that I did not have the opportunity to work in Canada and pay anything in Canada. So I was concerned about whether the social security agreement between the United States and Canada worked for me. Through my undercover, the agreement is to help with the implementation of minimum credits. Because I have more credit than minimum. So it should work for me. If you sponsor your parents for 10 years, they cannot get social assistance. Is GIS considered social assistance? So they have to wait 10 years before they pass the sponsorship contract before getting giS? Hello Mark – I`m not going to pretend to be an expert on the Canada-U.K.

deal, but I understand that it can`t be used to qualify for the benefits of the OAS as most other agreements allow. This means that you must have 20 full years in Canada to qualify for the 20/40ths OAS (about $300 per month from age 65). Good morning. I am Canadian and have worked in Quebec for 40 years. I have been living in the United States for 6 years and plan to return to Canada. When I apply for my Quebec pension, do you know if what I contributed to the U.S. Social Security will be used to calculate my last pension benefit in Quebec? If you have lived or worked in Canada and another country, or if you are the survivor of someone who has lived or worked in Canada and another country, you may be eligible for pensions and benefits from Canada and/or the other country under a social security agreement. Nick – I am not an expert on the U.K.-Canada Treaty on Social Security (or other agreements), but as far as I know, nothing you do with regard to increasing your British pension will affect either your OAS or CPP right or your right. They are quite entitled to a CPP old-age pension, even without using the agreement. You are entitled to a small OAS pension under the contract. Thank you for explaining the confusion about all of this.

In any event, I will wait a few more years before applying for benefits under one of the two programs. In the meantime, I will rely on the returns on my investments and on American Social Security to finance my part-time work. I suggest that you wait until they have approved or rejected your OAS application and see when you have come to the conclusion that you reside in Canada. If they reject your OAS application solely because of your residency in Canada, you can ask them to review your application under the Canada-India Agreement to see if you qualify for this process. Normally, people who are not in the U.S.