(iv) a periodic review, evaluation and evaluation of the effectiveness of technical and organisational measures to ensure the safety of treatment. Access to the appropriate level of security takes into account, in particular, the risks associated with processing, including destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access to personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed. We recommend that APN customers and partners for any data protection questions or aWS and RGPD, contact their AWS account manager first. If customers have signed up for Enterprise Support, they can also contact their Technical Account Manager (TAM). TAMs work with Solutions Architects to help clients identify potential risks and potential mitigation measures. Tams and account teams can also direct APN customers and partners to specific resources based on their environment and needs. 4.9 If personal data relating to an EU person relating to an EU person is transmitted outside the EEA, they are dealt with in accordance with the standard contractual clauses, unless the treatment takes place: the RGPD applies to all organisations established in the EU and organisations, whether they are established in the EU or not, the personal data of the persons concerned in the EU with regard to the supply of goods or services people in the EU. or monitoring behaviour within the EU. Personal data is all information about an identified or identifiable individual. The AWS cloud infrastructure was designed as one of the most flexible and secure cloud computing environments available today. Amazon`s reach allows it to invest much more in security policing and counter-measures than almost any large single company could afford. This infrastructure consists of hardware, software, networks and facilities that perform AWS services that provide customers and APN partners with powerful controls, including security controls, for the processing of personal data. For more details on AWS`s actions to maintain a consistently high level of security, see the AWS Overview of Security Processes white paper.

As part of the Shared Responsibility model, AWS is responsible for securing the underlying infrastructure that supports the cloud, and APN customers and partners who act as data managers or data subcontractors are responsible for all personal data they enter into the cloud.