6 Jisc Collections gives you permission to access and use the data granted under the terms of this sublicensing agreement. After the conclusion of the subscription and acceptance form as part of Jisc Collections` online ordering service, the institution becomes a non-exclusive sub-licensed Jisc Collections. 5 This sub-licensing agreement is granted in accordance with the agreement between Ordnance Collections and Ordnance Survey, and defines the conditions under which authorized institutions are allowed to access and use accredited institutions and allow their authorized users to access and use survey data through the Digimap service. the licensing agreement setting out the conditions under which public bodies can use the geographic datasets that Ordnance Survey makes available to the public sector as part of the One Scotland Mapping Agreement (depending on the period). The OSMA member`s licence is attached to the one Scotland Mapping agreement, and a copy of the current version is available on the public web pages of the Ordnance Survey website, available at: www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/business-and-government/public-sector/mapping-agreements/osma-licensing.html at the time of signing this agreement. a licensing agreement between Ordnance Survey and an authorized user of data in a form to be established by Ordnance Survey; the conditions under which an authorized user can access and use licensed data on behalf of an authorized user, in accordance with point 3.2.4. 6.2.2 You must confirm in writing by the Sharing Party that it has a current psma membership or an OSMA member license and that they are licensed for the same area as the Ordenance Survey Data; There are a number of licensing agreements for the use of Ordnance Survey (OS) attribution data depending on the nature of your business and the data you need. A Jisc Collections and Janet Limited , a company based in England and Wales and limited by warranty (company registration number 2881024), based in Lumen House, Library Avenue, Harwell Oxford, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 OSG (designated as us, ours or Jisc Collections); and 2.3.1 The site representative (s) is the point of contact for the Digimap service within the authorized institution. They will also be responsible for the overall promotion of service and service assistance in relation to local infrastructure and procedures.

For some accredited institutions, it may be useful to have more than one representative, especially when the accredited institution is on more than one site. However, in such cases, each site manager must be formally appointed by the mandated institution. The maximum number of site agents is expected to be no more than 5; 17.3 If an invalidable, unenforceable or illegal provision of this Agreement were to be valid, applicable and lawful if part of it were removed, the provision will apply with the minimum amendment necessary to make it legal, valid and applicable.