In Endless Space 2, empires can negotiate contracts, agreements and diplomatic agreements from the diploma screen (F6). The realization of more peaceful states and the exploration of certain technologies in the Empire Development Tree allow for more powerful agreements, even alliances that can share a common victory. The support of the pacifist party promotes and benefits from friendly diplomacy, while religious and militaristic empires can benefit from war capture. How does a trading company gain dust? Income is based on a few factors: the distance from a plant to a subsidiary, the number of systems through which a trade route passes, as the systems around the route are rich, the number of beneficiaries (the connections between a power plant and all available subsidiaries), the number of structures that change the revenues of trade and production (FIDSI and resources) in a power plant and subsidiary. With this, you can get a lot of income. The only direct way is to build subsidiaries and buy new merchant ships for your trading fleets. But that is only a statistical value, and you will not see that these ships move between systems. However, you increase the percentage of your business revenue. You can buy merchant ships that increase your income from dust and science or increase the amount of luxury resources. Trade routes offer both dust and science and make them a good source of income.

The amount of dust and science is related to several characteristics: population, distance, improvement and heroes. The more people there are, the more dust and science that produces a trade route. That`s why you`re prioritizing densely populated systems with improvements to trade routes. Trade routes allow a city to act with another linked city and thus generate revenue from dust and science. By default, trade routes are only set up if you are at peace with another empire. With the Breaker blockade, a group characteristic, it is possible to establish trade routes during the Cold War or even during the war. This means that when they discover another colonized system, whether peaceful, neutral or hostile, their empire will gain another trade route. It should be noted that trade routes are one direction (i.e. they are not two-way). Trade routes are set up with peaceful systems, regardless of the number of trade routes, improvements or population of this system. You can check the status of all trade routes in your empire in the Empire Management Screen (Standard keybind F1). You will have access to the market place if you develop technology from the second ring in economy and trade (the second upgrade allows you to buy ships and heroes).

Enter the economy screen and select the Marketplace tab. There are two windows on the left. The above informs you of your strategic and luxurious resources and allows you to sell a certain amount. Below you can see the latest transactions. Another part of the screen shows you a graph with prices divided into four tabs. In the first two, you can learn more about prices and buy resources. Keep in mind that you can only act on the resources you have acquired or acquired, for example. B to scan a planet.

It should be noted that trade routes are not reciprocal. Each empire calculates its own trade routes separately, and trade is „one way,“ such as exports or deliveries. Target systems do not have to „accept“ the trade route and their capacity is not depleted if they are part of your trade routes. Endless Space 2 is a strategic space opera in a mysterious universe. Your story unfolds in a galaxy first colonized by God-like beings, known as „Endless,“ who slowed down and fell in front of eons.